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Below, you will find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about StoreExtender.com. You can browse through FAQs by category by selecting an option from the drop-down menu above and clicking "Apply".

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How do I market my site?

We suggest reading everything you can about SEO and Adult Website Marketing. 

Some resources we have found helpful are below.  There are many, many more out there.

HTML Resources

  • W3Schools.com make HTML as easy as 1-2-3

Photo /Graphics Editor

  • Pixir is a good photo editor
  • Try Quick Banner creator for banners

Marketing Resources

  • Emarketer.com
  • Marketing Blog on Xbiz

Adult Industry Sites

  • Xbix- Adult industry news
  • Xbiz.net - Adult industry social network
  • AINews - Adult Industry news
  • BusinessAVNOnline
  • Adult Chamber


How can i track how many customers/visitors my site is getting?

We recommend using Google Analytics. You can read about this helpful tool and learn the basics at this website www.google.com/analytics

There is a box in the Customization >>Layout Links and Tracking at the bottom of the page to place your Google Analytics Account Code.

The code should look like this: UA-XXXXXXXX-X

Do not paste the entire script, just the code.

You will need to remove the UA code listed as default before entering your specific one.

How do i create Meta Tags?

Login to your Storeextender Admin panl.  Click the Customization>>Site Settings>> and place your Meta Tags in HTML Header Meta Data. 

You can also place your google-site-verification code here as well.

You can also insert meta tags under Customization >>Customize Homepage in the boxes provided without the HTML.

How do i upload my own banner?

Log into your Storeextender Admin panel.  Go to Customization>>Site Settings.  At the top you will see a place to Upload your Banner.

FIRST - delete the default banner. Then an upload button will appear so you can upload your own banner.  Click SAVE.

Q: Can I "hide" categories I don't wish to sell on my site?

A: Yes, in the Admin panel,  you now have the ability to "turn off" any categories you wish.

Q: Do the reports I get list customer names and addresses to target them for future business or specials?

A: The customer export report contains names and email addresses of those customers that have opted-in to receive emails. You should only contact those that have opted-in to be in compliance with anti-spam regulations.

Q: Who processes the credit cards?

A: We process the credit cards for you. You do not need a merchant account or other card processing company.

Q: How can I change/control the retail price I charge for items?

A: This page allows you to adjust pricing for products you sell on your site by defining multipliers for categories and/or manufacturers. The default (or global) multiplier for all products is 2.2 times (or 220%) the wholesale cost.

For example, if you would like to increase the price of the products in the 'Condoms' category, you can add a multiplier of between 2.0 and 5.0. The price your customers see when they view products in this category will be the wholesale cost multiplied by whatever number you specified.

Remember, price multipliers are applied in a specific order, from the broadest to most specific (Global > Category > Manufacturer).

If you set your global multiplier to 2.0 and create a Condoms category multiplier of 2.5 and a manufacturer multiplier for Contempo for 2.2, the condoms multiplier will override the global, and the manufacturer multiplier will override the category.

Q: What work do i need to do ?

A: To be successful with the Storeextender program you must:

     Purchase or have a domain name

     Point the A record of your domain to the storeextender IP address

     Upload banner, customize look and feel of your site

     Promote and drive traffic to your site

If you do not know how to customize or promote the site, we recommend hiring a professional.


Q: How many stores does my one sign up cover?

A: 1.

Q: Do I get the same discount as my store?


A: There is no discount with this program. Eldorado is doing all the work for you including hosting and maintaining the site, customer service, credit card billing, picking, packing, materials, supplies and stocking the inventory for you.


Q: What do I need to give you to get started?

 A: Using the sign-up form, please provide all requested information. Upon acceptance into the program you will receive a W9 and credit card form via email.  When those are returned and the $75 start up fee billed, you will receive your login information to your admin panel.  At that point, your site is active and you can begin customizing.



Q: Will the box be discreet?

A: Yes, it will be in a  plain box.  With a packing slip of the item,with a return address of the shipping department.

Q: Can I use my store name on shipping labels?

A: No,  The shipping label wil have the address of the shipping dept. 2325 W Midway Blvd Broomfield Co 80020

Q: Can I use my existing web site?

A: There is currently no way to integrate this system into your existing online store, but it can be seamlessly integrated into an informational / corporate WWW site by creating a DNS record such as http://store.domain.com where domain.com is your existing WWW site, and the hostname "store" points to our new online store.

Q: What reports are available?

A:  The reports on the admin panel are:

    Products sold

    Detailed profit

    State sales tax export

    Detailed daily sales


    Customer export


Q: What do I need to access the internet?

A: Contact your local Internet provider - a cable modem or Verizon FIOS is going to give your customers the best experience.

Q: What is a URL?

A: It is your website address. You can use your own, or one that we have set up for you with storeextender.com

Q: How is sales tax handled?

 A: The sites do not collect sales tax. The storeextender "owner" is responsible for IN state sales only. There is a report that will show you sales sorted by zip code. Customers based in CA - taxes will be collected at time of consumer purchase.

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Q: Can my shopping cart accept coupon codes or promotions?

A: Coupons are available now. They are activated through a tab on your admin panel.  Email info@storeextender.com for further instructions or questions.