For You

Fully Functional E-Commerce System

  • Populated with over 17,000 products and regularly updated.
  • You only pay a minimal startup fee and low monthly subscription
  • Your Profit = The Retail price you set minus the wholesale price minus a 4% cc processing fee (covers merchant fees and customer service feature)
  • This is Not an Affiliate program

Customizable Design & Your own Domain 

  • Colors, banners, store name - all configurable.
  • Advanced customization possible for those with the expertise
  • Use your own domain name.
  • Add custom new pages- for example "about us" page and store location.

Order Tracking and Reporting

  • Full integration with Google Analytics and Google AdWords
  • Daily or period-aggregate reports on products sold, coupons that are performing well, customer zip code data for tax reporting, and customers that "opt-in" to receive emails from you.

Hassle-Free Site Maintenance

  • You focus on bringing in the traffic; we'll keep the site open 24/7/365!

Professional Custom Design Support

  • A referral service for the serious retailer that is provided by Eldorado's preferred design vendors.

Don't Carry the Heavy Overhead

  • Set up an in-store terminal, and if your customers can't find it in the store they can browse online and have it shipped to their home or your store.

New Coupon Code- Very  Exciting Feature

  • Home Party Planners - new coupon code enables you to track Home Party orders by Consultant


  • Brick and Mortar Store Owners - New Coupon Code allows you track sales associate incentives for contests/promotions you may run



For Your Customer

Big Inventory

  • Set up an in-store terminal, and if your customers can't find it in the store they can order from your site and have delivered to their home or your store.
  • Provide customers with over 16,000 products, including luxury items, without carrying the overhead.

Consistent Pricing

  • Set your own prices and ensure that customers will pay the same amount whether the product is purchased in-store or online.

Discreet & Secure Shopping

  • By shopping online, customers can be assured of discreet shopping in the comfort of their own home.
  • We use the highest grade SSL certificates available. This provides customers with a trustworthy "green bar" checkout.

Extended Hours

  • Customers can shop 24/7/365 -- the store never closes!

Customer Service

  • Your customers are well taken care of with online customer support and live chat.