What's involved in moving to the New Platform?

We understand that moving to a new platform can be challenging on many levels.  Especially if you’ve spent years building a successful business on the existing one.  


To make the migration less stressful, we’re allowing our customers to spend as much time as they need setting up their site on the new platform.  


Once you’re provided with your account credentials, you can simply log in and start customizing your online store.  Don’t worry, your existing site on the old platform will not be affected.  You decide when you want customers to start shopping on your new StoreExtender site.


Here are some of the steps in the migration process:


1. Create your account on the new platform.  Since you’re part of the beta program, this has already been done for you. Cell Phone Spy Features to Look for in Flexispy and mSpy Reviews http://cellphonetrackapp.net/spy-app-features/ You can Access on Chats Free   You can log in using your existing username and password by visiting this URL:  https://www.mystoreextender.com
2. Log in and explore the features of the new system.  To make the most of the new platform, you should familiarize yourself with all of the new features.  Please see the Video Tutorial Section for more details.

3. Customize Your Site.  Use our new tools to make your store unique.   You’ll want to check out our video on how to customize your homepage, category pages, and create custom pages.

4. Test Your Site.  Every site on the new StoreExtender will have it’s own unique URL.  If your partner code is ‘acmetoys’, your URL would be http://acmetoys.mystoreextender.com.   Before you point live traffic to the new store, you should test your changes as thoroughly as possible.

5. Point Custom Domain name to new IP.   Now that you’ve customized your site and tested your changes, you’ll need to point your custom domain name to the new IP address.  The new IP for StoreExtender is:  Please check out our video on how to add your custom domain.

6. Make Your Site Live.   The last step in completing the transition to the new StoreExtender Platform is to click the “Complete Store Setup” link in the admin.  This will perform updates to accounting information in our system.  


Frequently Asked Questions: 


Q. What if I Need Help? 

A. If you get stuck at any time during this process, we’re here to help.  We have an integrated Contact Form that will generate a ticket in our system, and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.


Q. Can I Move Back to the Old Platform? 

A. Unfortunately, once you’ve completed the migration process to the new platform, you will not be able to move back.   We highly recommend that you thoroughly customize and test your store before completing the process.


Q. Will I Need to Update My Payment Information 

A. Both the new and old systems share the same accounting platform, so you will not need to make any changes to your payment or account information, unless the information is not current.



Setting up a custom domain name on MyStoreExtender.com:




Overview of Store Extender Admin: